Apart from daily life, we all want to play video games but our messy lifestyle blocks it. Nowadays, every age person loves to play video games. Due to Covid-19’s Pandemic, we all stuck at home and we had nothing to do. Gaming gives us a new experience and enjoyment that swing our mood towards video games. For a better experience, higher FPS, smoothness, and to play AAA title we should have very good hardware. So here we are to talk about the new gaming console by tech giant Microsoft in the X Box series.

Microsoft had been teasing the Xbox Series X for months, calling it the world’s most powerful console. It recently, however, decided to confirm all there is to know about not just the Xbox Series X but also the all-digital Xbox Series S. Yesterday, out of the blue, it surprised everyone by confirming the launch date and prices for both of the upcoming consoles in the US. And now, it has also confirmed the same for India.

This means you will be able to pre-order for either of the two consoles starting 22nd September. It is officially on sale from 10th November in India. You can see the official Facebook post attached above.

Courtesy: Xbox

X Box Game Pass Ultimate

Alongside the two consoles, Microsoft wants to make it possible for any and all to own its next-gen console. Thus, it has launched Xbox All Access to provide gamers with an Xbox Series X or Series S (their choice) along with 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate. This means you will not only have a new console for as low as $24.99 a month but also access to over 100 titles on your console, PC, and even your smartphone or tablet (via cloud gaming). The company is also bundling an EA Play membership for no added cost.

While this sounds like a steal, the Xbox All Access service will only be available in 12-odd countries during the holidays. India is not on the list at the moment. This means you will have to pay the full cost upfront and Rs. 999 a month for Game Pass Ultimate in India.

Courtesy: Xbox


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