It’s a world for all future loving people who are always eager to know about the upcoming things like upcoming movies, gadgets, vehicles and events and many more.

Everyone follows companies and brands for their upcoming products to buy or to get updated about new. It’s a well-organised platform for such people. We provide the information for bunches of categories from entertainment to technology, from small to large in every aspect.

For example, If you are a bookworm and you like to read books and you want to know which book is the latest in the market of your favourite author. Then this is the place you will get an update about books which is going to release by your favourite author.

On the other hand, If you are binge-watcher of movies and web series and eagerly waiting for sequels of your most-liked, then in this world (Whatsupcoming) you will get updated about all. Whatever you are thinking of.

Hence, It’s a place of all upcoming stuff.

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